Saturday, January 07, 2006

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad

As I write this, my Mom and Dad are celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary with a few friends at Weaver's restaurant in Steytlerville, South Africa. Unfortunately we couldn't be there, but we're celebrating along with them from afar.

I think it's an amazing achievement for any couple to reach their 40th wedding anniversary. There are so many things that could prevent that from happening, and I'm very happy for, and proud of my parents
for reaching this incredible milestone. Well done!


esme said...

Happy anniversary again Moeder and Pa. We are all very proud of you and hope the next 40 years will be equally exciting for you guys. See you soon. Much love - Esme

Yemanja said...

Hi John! I had no idea you and Esme were bloggers... :-)

I can't wait to stop by and visit again. I am linking you both to my blog!!

Wow! 40 years... Congrats to both of them...



JohnE said...

Hey girl-from-brazil. Happy New Year! Thanks for stopping by. I'll come check your blog out too. - J